Marine Cargo Insurance

Protect Your Goods and Financial Interests

It was in the 17th century that the demand for marine cargo insurance grew dramatically to ensure that merchants could cover their goods in transit along the sea route. In today’s scenario, the movement of goods is done by multiple means of transport, be it via air, rail, road or sea. However, the insurance category is still stated as marine cargo.

Moving goods from A to B is always associated with risks. These tend to accumulate if you choose to transport your cargo by sea, either because of man-made hazards, piracy or weather. By cooperating with the AVN Group marine cargo insurance broker in the UK, you can boost the safety of your shipments, no matter how many transportation means are involved.

AVN Group brings together UK’s major marine cargo insurance companies, commercial shippers, freight forwarders and other logistics businesses. We can help you protect your goods when transported by sea, railway, through an air carrier or road freight transport company.

If your shipments require extra protection while in transit, we can put all our efforts into finding a tailor-made insurance plan for you for:

What can marine cargo insurance cover?

When transporting goods, knowing no emergency will happen is wishful thinking rather than smart planning. Shipments can be unpredictable. The more complicated the route is, the more transportation risks it involves.

We can provide quotes for both the temporary storage in transit as well as long-term storage at destination in the event of the following:

Marine cargo insurance coverage can also protect your cargo from theft at all shipment stages. This involves any risks during haulage, customs clearance and other processes.

AVN Group can take the hassle out of your insurance selection process. Contact us to discuss the depth of coverage you need for your goods and be guided towards marine cargo insurance companies with free quotes!

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