Hotel Restaurant & Pub Insurance

Running a hotel, restaurant or pub is not an easy task in this rapidly transforming hospitality industry. Various risks are involved as one not only needs to take care of the food, products, stock and buildings, but also protect your guests and employees from accident or any adverse experience. Any mishappening will not just affect your finances but can also lead to the loss of reputation and trust in the market. Hence, it is imperative to avail the right insurance which can secure your business in the event of such adverse situations.

At AVN Group:

No-matter how big or small your business is, we at AVN Group, provide a wide range of cover options for you to choose from. We cater to the complete hospitality industry and have offerings for restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes, guesthouses and fast food outlets.

We arrange policy to cover:

Hotel Restaurant & Pub Insurance

Our experts are available at your service for analysing the risks involved and to guide you about the insurance option best suited to your business. If you require more information related to Hospitality Insurance, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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